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The Thief in the Night

I think that bird,

Or squirrel,

Or mutant animal

Is driving me mad.

Disrupting the night.

The whispering breeze 

through the branches and

between the houses.

You could hear it circle,

if it weren’t for that 

incessant chattering.


the crickets’ serenade

of chopsticks,

stuck on one note.


the familiar hum 

of a distant train

riding the rails.

Shush already,


I just want 

serenity back. 


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Throwback Thursday – Memories of the Pool

Since we moved from IL in 1996, we’ve lived in the South. First in AZ, where you could comfortably begin getting in your pool in March.

We either had a pool at our apartment, or we ventured to our dear friends house where we hung out and swam all day.

Then we moved to Texas. Again, pool at the apartment. And now a community pool. 

As we sat alongside our pool today, I realized that I’ve gone through all of the pool phases.

Toddlers. They jump, pour, and splash. Typically protected with swim rings and swim diaper.

Adventurers. They want to jump into your arms. Over. And over. And over. Just dunk yourself, you’re getting wet.

Play with me. Brothers are too big and swim in the deep end. Floaties or not, he’s just not ready. So you play catch, monkey crawl, and other goofy things.

Independence. They’ve made a friend. Can I swim over there? You let them but watch like a hawk. 

Relaxation. He can swim with his brothers. I’m officially boring. Now I can read and just relax. Am I watching? Heck yes. But I’m not too worried.

 Do I miss those days? The toddler, needy days. Sometimes. But I really like having adult conversations with them. 

It just means my pool days are almost numbered.

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Survivor Saturday – Suicide

I have talked to you about your death

More than anyone else.

It’s true what they say,

You can’t talk about it.

I mean, how do you say it?

My friend is dead.

What happened?



Because what do you say?

We are so programmed.

My first thought is always,

Do they really go to hell?

It’s no wonder 

We have no words.

No one should go to hell 

After living a lifetime there.

I’ve learned from you

That you didn’t go to hell.

Your spirit went with the rest,

Wherever you find peace.

Us survivors though,

We need to start talking.

Find the words,

So we can find peace too.

In the end,

That’s what you wanted for us all.



Suicide Resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Suicide Prevention: How to Help Someone Who is Suicidal  

American Association of Suicidology: Survivors of Suicide Fact Sheet 

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Coping with Suicide Loss

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I wish you could see

I wish you could see

The dancing spirits:

Twinkles of light,

Darting like hummingbirds,

Teasing and taunting.

Seen daily as a child.

Free from dangers,

Clean spirited,

Open hearted,

Aware and listening.

Now, an occasional blessing.

Some days, just a few.

Others, it’s a party:

Dancing twinkles of light.

How I wish you could see.


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19 Days of Rain


Just clouds.

No sounds.

No sunshine.

No silliness.

Missing purpose.

One whisper.

One twinkle.

One sign.
Clouds lift.

Sunshine returns.


Sweet reminders.


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Empty Spaces


Empty spaces, where adventures abound,

Memories hold significance,

And secrets linger awaiting discovery

Look at a woman, there’s mystery,
Beauty, life, nurturing, love
But what of her empty spaces, her secrets
The shadows along her neck
Where she nuzzled her husband during intimate evenings
Between her motherly bosom
Where she nourished and comforted her children 
The openness of her arms
Where she hugs those who matter most
Between her sometimes stiff fingers
Where the truth of her labors reside
Between her toes, ankles, and knees
Where the frustrations of life dissipate with a good run
The vastness of her soul
Where she wagers to save the world whether they realize it or not