Take 2 – Oracle Cards

SQUEE!!! What do y’all think about this round? I went ahead and changed the font because it was a little different and I didn’t want to turn anyone off. This new font is probably much too safe. I just… Read More

DOVOLUTION: Accountability

Know what happened the last time I held myself accountable for something? I made progress. Know what happened the last time I had a friend hold me accountable? I far exceeded my expectations. MADE PROGRESS versus FAR EXCEEDED… Read More

What will your DOVOLUTION be?

For the last couple of weeks, we have looked at the concept of DOVOLUTION. Self-care Selfless acts Work a personal goal Daily, we tried to accomplish something for each category above. I am slightly embarrassed to say I… Read More

Dovolution – Make a Plan

Doing can be easy, once you have momentum. Does anyone have momentum after just one week? I certainly do not. It’s still so early. Our motors are just getting primed. It is more important than ever for us… Read More

Find Your Road Home Fridays

Finding Your Road Home centers on the idea that home begins by determining where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be your actual home. It doesn’t have to make you happy (although why would you choose… Read More

Walkabout Wednesdays

What better to go with DOVOLUTION than Walkabout Wednesday. I think of a walkabout as Self-care. It’s almost a form of meditation, at least for me. That makes it an important part of my dovolution. The number of… Read More

DOVOLUTION – Goal Setting

I like to think of goal setting and achievement as the culminating steps in DOVOLUTION. What do I want to achieve? When do I want to achieve it by? How will I know when I am successful? Why… Read More


Wondering what a DOVOLUTION is? Well, DO + REVOLUTION = DOVOLUTION. I have always loved motivational statements with “be.” I have one on my mantle that says “BE Yourself.” I have a tattoo on my neck, under my… Read More


Hopefully, everyone knows about a walkabout. In Aboriginal cultures, it is a rite of passage. Most of us probably learned about walkabouts thanks to Crocodile Dundee back in the 80’s. I have been using my own version of a… Read More