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Take 2 – Oracle Cards

SQUEE!!! What do y’all think about this round? I went ahead and changed the font because it was a little different and I didn’t want to turn anyone off. This new font is probably much too safe. I just prefer tomato A’s to pear A’s (if that makes any sense to anyone).

I’ve only made these edits to this 10, so 78 to go. What do you think?

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DOVOLUTION: Accountability

Know what happened the last time I held myself accountable for something? I made progress. Know what happened the last time I had a friend hold me accountable? I far exceeded my expectations.


Which do you prefer? (this should be a no-brainer)

As you are thinking about your goal options, accountability may play a part in your decision. For example, if my goal is to run every day, what is my accountability?

2 miles minimum per day, demonstrated by tracking on Nike+ daily. If I reach it, my reward is a new dress and shoes, not to exceed $100 total.

Who will I have as my accountability buddy though? It would be great if it were a running partner so we could be each other’s AB.

How will he/she be involved? Well, he/she will hold the money. And will verify completion. Maybe I should send my AB a photo of me looking like death along with my Nike+ log each day.

Please select an AB that will try to encourage you to complete your task if by the end of the day you are struggling. Also, consider donating the $ or even giving it to your friend if you fail. (Some of us need that extra OUCH of accountability.)

Keep thinking about what you’d like to achieve in 3 weeks – 21 days. Download a DOVOLUTION contract and let us know on Facebook if you have any additional questions. Remember, I’m happy to start a Facebook group just for folks needing DOVOLUTION encouragement.

If you’d like a little angel guidance, we can help there too, just click here to sign up for an Angel Card reading or a Find Your Road Home Oracle Card reading.

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What will your DOVOLUTION be?

For the last couple of weeks, we have looked at the concept of DOVOLUTION.

  1. Self-care
  2. Selfless acts
  3. Work a personal goal

Daily, we tried to accomplish something for each category above. I am slightly embarrassed to say I couldn’t do all 3 every day, every week. It was tough.

While I still believe it is early and we should not give up. Achieving one of each category was a goal in itself. So I thought, what if we step back for a second and build our DOVOLUTION muscles and stamina.

Here’s how we are going to do it. Keeping the idea of DOVOLUTION in mind (above) write down the following:

  1. What is it that you would like to accomplish?
  2. What daily act(s) will get you there? Remember to Keep It Simple.
  3. Hold yourself accountable
    1. Document daily
    2. Accountability buddy

I am hoping something like this will help. I know I need a contract to put on the fridge or something. I also I need someone to occasionally nag me if it’s really important. It’s only 21 days, what can it hurt?!

My suggestion is to pick a date and go with it. There is never really a perfect time. We just say that to ourselves to procrastinate. I do recognize that some of you may really need to wait until the beginning of September to start. Maybe right after Labor Day. Seriously, pick a start time that you know you will have more opportunity for success. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m not running a challenge. This is just something I am doing for myself. I am happy to be someone’s accountability buddy if you don’t have one. I will even help more than one someones. And if there are enough, we can start a group or something. I just don’t want to worry about $ or anything like that.

So, what are some potential DOVOLUTIONS? Well, I could see things like:

  • Lose weight: eat healthier by cutting carbs and adding fruits/vegs
  • Lose weight: do cardio for at least 30 minutes per day
  • Decrease mile time: run daily
  • Volunteer: umm….I am not saying it twice.
  • Learn more about ______: read 2 chapters a night
  • Increase spirituality: meditate daily for 20 minutes
  • Learn to crochet: watch a video and use that skill each day to produce that product

Other folks may want to learn how to use a new art medium, all the key phrases in a new language, or even a new skill for work. The important thing is you have 21 DAYS to show success. That means you need to KEEP IT SIMPLE. You aren’t going to be an expert in something by the end of those 21 days. But you CAN set a goal and achieve it.

And together, we CAN start a DOVOLUTION!

Think about it. Checkout the contract (which by the way is just for you). If you would like to chat about the 21 days, hit me up on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more on Accountability Buddies and things you can do to help someone else achieve their goals.

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Dovolution – Make a Plan

Doing can be easy, once you have momentum. Does anyone have momentum after just one week? I certainly do not. It’s still so early. Our motors are just getting primed. It is more important than ever for us to plan right now. It is the best way to guarantee we have the right tools and resources at our fingertips when we need them. When we don’t feel supported, we give up. Sometimes, that’s due to our own lack of planning. Reflect briefly on last week, how successful were you? I was NOT as successful as I wanted. I tried something different each day, and that meant sometimes I didn’t do anything because I either couldn’t think of something, lost motivation, or became overwhelmed. It didn’t work like I wanted. Rub dirt on it. Apply some logic. Regroup. This week, I’m going to try something else. I’d like to see if I can build to a goal for each part of dovolution. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Self – find a course to work on each day for an hour or so. If I can’t find a course, reading a book will work too. I’d like to look into art therapy, so maybe I’ll find something to research in that area. I’m still in exploration mode as I dream. Eventually I’ll find something practical to commit to.
  2. Someone else – this is the one I’m not sure about. I need to think about this one more – we’ll stay connected each day (check Instagram). I’m thinking something to do with painting.
  3. Goal – my goal for this week is to start working on the painting project for my niece’s baby. I need to get a specific thing for it still, paint the pictures, and assemble. I’ve been procrastinating for too long.

What approach are you going to take to this week’s dovolution? Are you going to set daily tasks/goals or progress towards a larger weekly goal? Keep us posted and let us know what works for you.

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Find Your Road Home Fridays

Finding Your Road Home centers on the idea that home begins by determining where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be your actual home. It doesn’t have to make you happy (although why would you choose somewhere that makes you unhappy). Once you have determined your goal, you have to begin the journey.

This is where DOVOLUTION comes in. (I really love this concept.)

DOVOLUTION is about IMPROVING YOU, HELPING OTHERS WITHOUT EXPECTATION, and WORKING A GOAL. First, I don’t care what you do or what your goal is, as long as you have one. I encourage you to do something NEW, or something you have only been half-way doing. Commit to it. Do not cheat by picking something you have already been doing fairly regularly. Challenge yourself.

Keep it simple. Consider a small, daily goal to start. We are creating new habits here. Actively working to improve yourself isn’t easy in the beginning. This is because you aren’t only creating new habits, but you have to break old habits and moving out of your comfort zone. That’s why smaller is better. You want to build that feeling of success. Then work your way up to something bigger.

I recommend tieing your self-improvement/self-care plans to your goal when you can. When you can’t, follow the same keep it simple rule. Walk around the neighborhood, cut soda out of your diet, or even chair dance.

The final piece of the puzzle for DOVOLUTION is to help others without expectation. It doesn’t have to be anonymous (although that is fun), but doing it without the expectation of anything in return from the recipient of the good deed. The objective here is to just do what you can to help others.

I have been trying to keep track of my activities daily, not to brag or anything, just to make sure I do something. Basically, I am trying to hold myself accountable. In fact, you will notice, I slacked two days. My new goal is to not miss a day…

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Something to Improve You Walk with Dylan
Go to Gym
Nothing intentional Visit rock store
Long talk with old friend
Nothing intentional Research html
Something to Help Someone Else Convince Dylan to Walk
Relaunch blog
Nothing intentional Long talk with old friend Nothing intentional Flowers to stranger
Work a Personal Goal Documented new goal Researched new goal Testing on technology
Entered paintings into Creative
competition at TX State Fair
Case study Case study


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Walkabout Wednesdays

What better to go with DOVOLUTION than Walkabout Wednesday. I think of a walkabout as Self-care. It’s almost a form of meditation, at least for me. That makes it an important part of my dovolution.

The number of songs you choose is up to you. Use Spotify or Pandora (or a similar service). Choose to shuffle all your playlists. I even recommend forwarding through the first couple as like a cleanse.

Next, listen to your songs carefully. Document somehow. Pandora allows you to go backwards and see what songs you just listened to. I would assume the other services do something similar. Remember, you are walking, so you won’t be able to write right away.

Begin by thinking about your question. Do not make it a yes or no question. Don’t act like you are making a wish with a genie. Just ask a basic question like: How can I help my family while I am unemployed? I like to use HOW questions personally.

Here are some options:

3 songs – 9 – 15 minutes

  1. Your power
  2. Other’s influence
  3. Above all else, remember

6 songs – 18 – 30 minutes

  1. The reality of the situation
  2. The reality of the situation
  3. Your power
  4. Other’s influence
  5. Above all else, remember
  6. outcome

9 songs – 27 – 45 minutes

  1. The reality of the situation
  2. The reality of the situation
  3. Your power
  4. Your power
  5. Your power
  6. Other’s influence
  7. Above all else, remember
  8. Hopes/fears
  9. Outcome

The great part about walkabouts, you can use them whenever you feel that urge to run away. It is a great way to clear your mind and focus on something else for just a little bit of time.

If you do a walkabout, share your resulting playlist in the comments below.

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DOVOLUTION – Goal Setting

I like to think of goal setting and achievement as the culminating steps in DOVOLUTION.

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • When do I want to achieve it by?
  • How will I know when I am successful?
  • Why do I want to do this?
  • Who can help/support me during this?

Your goal may be related to self-care or even helping others. Or maybe you choose to follow a dream. No matter what, every successful goal addresses the questions above.

Have you heard of SMART goals? The definition of each letter varies from use to use. I have always know SMART as:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

SMART goals have always been a part of K-12 education, and more than likely part of the HR experience. But for personal use, I want to do something a little different. Let’s line up SMART with our questions up top.

  • Specific – What do I want to achieve?
  • Measurable – How will I know when I am successful?
  • Achievable – Who can help/support me during this?
  • Relevant – Why do I want to do this?
  • Time-bound – When do I want to achieve it by?

I get stuck when I try too hard to make my goal a single sentence. For example,

By Jan 2019, I will host 3 events per week working with kids at a park/trail, helping them to love nature and making obbservations.

I kept it to a single sentence.  You know what I want to do and when I want to accomplish it by. But that doesn’t answer all of the questions. So we have to go back to the drawing board.

smart goals by kb

We have gone from a goal statement to a GOAL TABLE. Not sure about you, but my mind is slightly blown. This is just the start. This goal is by no means finished.

Before we move on to future steps, let’s set a goal. Let’s gently move through the process each Tuesday. What do you think?

So next Tuesday, we will look at just SPECIFIC – what do you want to achieve. We will even tear apart my suggestion above (it totally needs more details).

Go start a DOVOLUTION today! One for you, one for them, and work your goal ❤

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IMG_4681I have always loved motivational statements with “be.” I have one on my mantle that says “BE Yourself.” I have a tattoo on my neck, under my hair – it was actually my very first tattoo. I even used it as a category in an earlier version of this blog. It really is a lovely sentiment: Be Happy – – Be Yourself – – Be Healthy.

After years of embracing the “BE” I found a major flaw. Be is NOT an action verb. Just because I say I am healthy or happy does not make it so. Honestly, I am just stating my goal. And as much as I believe in manifestation, you still have to do more than wishing or willing a goal to come to fruition.

You have to DO something to keep moving towards the goal. If I want to BE HAPPY, don’t I need to DO HAPPY to get there? Stop and think about that for a moment. Let’s look at BE HEALTHY. In order to be healthy, I have to DO HEALTHY. In order to BE MYSELF, I have to DO MYSELF. That sounds weird, but I think you are following me now. Instead of just setting a goal with “be,” we are working towards a goal by doing it.

In my opinion, it’s a revolutionary way of thinking. Let’s ignite a DOVOLUTION!

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Hopefully, everyone knows about a walkabout. In Aboriginal cultures, it is a rite of passage. Most of us probably learned about walkabouts thanks to Crocodile Dundee back in the 80’s.

I have been using my own version of a walkabout as a form of therapy if you will. See, when I get upset or stressed, I want to run away. Literally. A walkabout (or runabout) gives me that feeling of flight, but it is just for about 30 minutes, not forever.

Walkabouts also give me something else to focus on instead of whatever upset me. Then I can process the situation and come out the other side not quite so anxious.

So how does it work?

First, you are going to use Pandora (or Spotify, or something similar) and set it to shuffle. You are talking to the Universe. If you use a playlist, then it is a prescribed conversation. That isn’t the goal here. The goal is advice and not the same old buzz that is always in your ear. Second, you will walk or run probably depending on what songs pop up. For example, today I planned to walk but ended up running thanks to the songs that played.

Begin by asking a question. As my Nike + app counted down 3-2-1, I asked the important first question: how are we (my family) going to get through this period of really awkward transition? We have made it for two months. The next month is going to be even more difficult.

Songs 1-3 represent the heart of the matter or situation.

  1. Be Good Johnny, Men at Work
  2. Box #10, Jim Croce
  3. Shakin’ All Over, The Guess Who?

After listening to the songs (#2 made me cry hard), basically, I am way too caught up in what the world will think. And more importantly, my family. I know what they think. They are scared (like me) but they are all proud of my perseverance. I have always found the needle of hope in the proverbial haystack. Sometimes it just takes a little longer. You have to accept you’re going to get a lot of “just hay” in the process of searching for that needle.

Songs 4-6 are usually about power and influence, but I shook things up by asking a question. I didn’t mean to, but the Universe reminded me that we were having a conversation, not a lecture. I had asked: so how do I stop that worry? I have been trying really hard to have faith and give it to God. This worry is very illogical. Being illogical drives me nuts.

The Universe’s answer, Baby I’m-A Want You by Bread. What? A song about choosing who you love? What does this have to do with my question?

“You’re the only one I care enough to hurt about.” I feel that way about the big boob at home. This struggle HAS brought John and me closer together. I hear you Universe. The love of family has come up in other readings too. So my family will help me stop the worry. Got it.

As the song was ending, I asked, so what else can I do? Because John has been saying these things to me for 28 years. I know love can conquer the toughest circumstances. This isn’t new information. Give me something else.

The next song was She’s My Kind of Rain by Tim McGraw. Seriously?!? More love songs? Similar message as the last song at first listen. So what am I missing?

So I listen more closely. Bread’s song was about choosing someone to love, but Tim McGraw’s song is about worshipping them. JGB doesn’t worship anyone, does he? First, let’s not say worship. I mean someone who would sacrifice anything/everything for the person they love. I have spent many years “beating him up” for certain times he wasn’t there enough, but was I looking at the bigger picture? Have I been this stubborn and stupid for this long? The Universe is saying yes. He has been giving me his all for a long time, and maybe the problem is that I’ve never recognized it. Alright, alright. I will have to figure out a way to show him that I get it, finally.

After 2 love songs, I was certain that the Universe was going to beat me in the head with a third, but she didn’t. That las a-ha must have cemented my freedom from love songs.

Falling by Florence and the Machine was next. Florence always holds the deep down answers for me. She often slaps me in the face, but I still love her. This time was no different. This song almost feels like an anthem for the last few months. As I listen longer, I realize I have been actively (and subconsciously) knocking myself off of pedestals for a long time. It is stressful being on a pedestal. You have to perform to an expectation, and often don’t have a say in the expectation. I love to exceed expectations but I would like to have more say in what they are. The worst pedestal, my own. But guess what, I’m down. As Florence says, the fall is freeing and the initial impact is what hurts. But I’m no longer up there. It can’t hurt like that again. I’m out of the caterpillar heap. I can set fresh expectations.

Songs 7-8 are about my power in the situation.

7. Senorita, Justin Timberlake

8. Waka Waka, Shakira

Both of these songs are in my running playlist on iTunes. They represent strength, especially inner strength and personal faith, as well as respect.

Song 9 is always the outcome. Someone out there really wants to hire me. I am a perfect fit. I just have to find them. When I do, “if I can’t have you I don’t want nobody baby.” (Yvonne Elliman)

Usually, by song 9 I have made it home but today’s songs were shorter than usual. Song 10 was a bonus. It was like the Universe asked me a question for a change.

Universe: I get the last month has been a serious blow to your ego. But if you strip away the financial fears, how do you really feel?

Me: (and Zack Brown) Free

And then the whole runabout cemented together with the last two tarot readings. I just finished The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. If I will never be rich but always taken care of, I can refocus that energy. Besides, rich to me was never about money. It has always been about time with people I love. Free.

Time to refocus. Pick new dreams. Avoid pedestals. And apparently runabout.

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