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HLC Weekly Challenge Announcement

Grains! Have whole-grains every day this week (June 24-June 30). That means NO White Bread! 

Then, 1 day try an Ancient Grain. What’s an ancient grain? Quinoa. Buckwheat. Chia seed. That’s just a few. Check out this amazing resource from Fork and Beans. LOVE her love of learning!

Enjoy your week! Be Healthy!

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HLC Week 2 Winners

Happy Saturday everyone!

Week 2 was a TOUGH week for many of us. But we have 4-5 who are still going super strong. 

This week, there was a little shuffle. Which I LOVE!

1. Jen B – 179.4 pts 

2. Becky D – 173.1 pts

3. Kelly B – 163.3 pts

4. Shanna S – 159 pts

5. Sara T – 158.3 pts (top weight loss)

Great job ladies!!

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HLC: Weekly Challenge Announcement

Week 3 begins tomorrow. Almost half-way there. At the end of that week we turn in measurements again. Exciting!

This coming week is all about trying new things! Fruits and veggies that you haven’t had in the last 3 months. That’s since March 10. 

Each day, one of your servings has to be something “new”.

Good luck, and let us know what you find that’s yummy! I’m hoping for some grilled peaches.