Tuesday, Nov 22 – 3 Card Reading

Is this message for you??? Take a moment to reflect because we keep getting the same cards friend.


TOWN: We live in many different places. There are temporary tents. There are nests for comfort. There are homes too. But a town is bigger. Spiritually, take a 30,000 ft look at your life. Where do you live? That is your town. Keep it clean and take care of it, just like you would your nest.


UNTO: When paired with another deck, the partner card is happening to you right now…yes…YOU!

The partner card – CART: Just because we can carry the load, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. Unfortunately, this is a warning that something tough is coming, but you will be able to carry it. Use your TOWN to help you carry it.

Watch for/Remember

CURE: The solution you are looking for will be permanent. It could be something surface-level or maybe something deeper.

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