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Just another night

Sitting on my front porch.

Looking at the night sky.

Like a little girl I wonder,

are you up there?

I can just imagine you,

sitting on the edge of the moon,

dangling your feet into a crater.

Or spinning around

the mighty rings of Saturn,

pretending to be the needle

on an old record player,

while belting out

Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Just in case you are,

and you’re listening…

I miss you man.

Sing it again, for me.


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Summer Nights

The tale-tell sounds of summer nights…

Crickets chirping.

The hum of air-conditioner motors. 

A mixed-up bird, cackling.

Train horns at a crossing.

The steady drone of traffic,

People getting their ice cream.

Diesels engines coming to life.

The buzz of the street lights,

Telling us to head home.

The rumble of a Harley,

Waiting at that train.

An airplane coming in to land,

Bringing weary travelers,

Eager for bed.

Two toads who live in the flower bed,

Serenading us each night.

…these sounds I take for granted.

Are sounds you’ll never hear again.