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My Story Monday (part 1): The Road to This Point

modified from 1/19/17

Do you dream?
When I was 15, I dreamed.
I was awkward, in my opinion,
But I was in a Miss Teen Pageant.
Me – the Queen of Introverts.
I had visions of greatness.
I embraced the risks.
When I was 17, I dreamed.
I traveled to other countries.
Volunteered with the church.
Aspired to help the needy.
Wanted to join the Peace Corp.
When I was 18, my life changed.
The person who controlled me left.
She allowed me to follow my heart.
My first anxiety attacks happen.
When I was 19, I could dream.
But I was indecisive.
Microbiology or genetics.
Or maybe pathogen-resistant plants.
When I was 20, we dreamt.
We got married. Prepared to have a baby.
We didn’t have a clue what we were doing.
When I was 21, I would dream.
The dream had evolved.
I had a little boy, who stole my heart.
He was watching me do everything.
If I didn’t teach him who would?

April 22, 2018

(continued next week)

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Excuse me

HEY! Excuse me.

I’ve been here.
Waiting patiently.

Who am I?


To find me, 

Just do, then feel.

Don’t think…just feel.

It’s scary, I know.

So, I’ll stay here.

Waiting patiently.

Ready when you are.


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The words are like fish

in the tank at a pet store.


Swimming frantic,

as if speed increases 

their chance at becoming

something magical.

Destined to swim.


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Fearless wind

Wind skips along
the surface of the earth.
Tickling each brightly colored leaf
of the tree that is preparing
to sleep for the winter.
Caressing the grand foothills
that serve as gateways
to the castle-like mountain ranges
which protect the flora
and fauna within.
Wind never worries
about the reaction
to its affections.
It simply dances.
Never tiring.
Exploring the wonder.

Nov 4, 2015

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Just another night

Sitting on my front porch.

Looking at the night sky.

Like a little girl I wonder,

are you up there?

I can just imagine you,

sitting on the edge of the moon,

dangling your feet into a crater.

Or spinning around

the mighty rings of Saturn,

pretending to be the needle

on an old record player,

while belting out

Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Just in case you are,

and you’re listening…

I miss you man.

Sing it again, for me.


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I Need My Parents

Initially I needed you for everything

Nutrition, safety, hygiene

Mobility, language, learning

Everyday my dependence on you changing

Slowly able to get around

Quickly understanding my environment

Learning new lessons

Adding to everyone’s well being

Until one days it’s different

I think I don’t need you anymore

Didn’t I learn to value your advice?

Or am I too busy to notice

That maybe you needed me

Eventually our roles will flip

And you’ll need me kinda like

I needed you in the beginning

I don’t want to wait until then

To realize I needed you all along


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Motivational Monday – Laundry

We are in the midst of summer conference at work, so my mind is a little distracted. 

Today’s poem honors my nemesis, laundry. 

Swirling masses of hot air 

rise over the rolling hills.Tranquil waters provide refuge

to overheating humans.

Ding. Laundry.

Hold that thought while I fold.

30 minutes go by.

What on Earth was I writing about?

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Need to Reboot

Some days it’s too much.
The sun’s brilliance.

People bustling.

Traffic zipping.

What’s the reason?

How did we get here?

Who set these priorities?

I want to…

Find a nice shade tree.

Share a fruity cocktail.

Swap stories about living.

Instead, I shade my eyes.

Bustle through life.

And zip from A to B.

Who set these priorities?

It certainly wasn’t me.

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Change is only hard

when you’re afraid.

Fear of the unknown

keeps us doing the same

thing over and over.

Didn’t a wise man

once call that insanity?

Don’t let fear keep you

from becoming that

beautiful butterfly.


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Take a Chance

Vertical cliff.

No gentle slope.

Just a straight

shot down.

A situation

of great peril. 

But not if you

are prepared.

Treasures are


if only 

we are brave

enough to try.