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Last Night

I could have,

ya’ know.

All night long.

In a lounge chair,

facing the breeze.

Washing away 

my worries,

and massaging in

universal strength.

Nature’s music,

replacing my fan,

as sleeping sound.

I could’ve stayed,


Maybe nap time…


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Little Girl Joy

Stood outside,

and looked up

at the clouds.

The sun 

peeked through

fluffy white 


When suddenly,

it begins


Just from my

little cloudlette.


paired with

a giggle,

was my response

to this gentle

hug from


And suddenly 

I felt 

5 years old,

with my


blowing in

the wind.


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Mysterious how

the light plays

alongside the dark.

A visual metaphor

for the duality

in nature.

If you listen carefully,

you can hear 

songbirds announcing,

“This is my tree.”

Like a choir

demonstrating their

love of God.

Even the screech

of the giant

hunting owl,

snagging it’s dinner.

What human analogy

can you imagine?

Spend a few moments

experiencing dusk

and remind yourself

how humans

are just animals,

with different priorities.


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The Thief in the Night

I think that bird,

Or squirrel,

Or mutant animal

Is driving me mad.

Disrupting the night.

The whispering breeze 

through the branches and

between the houses.

You could hear it circle,

if it weren’t for that 

incessant chattering.


the crickets’ serenade

of chopsticks,

stuck on one note.


the familiar hum 

of a distant train

riding the rails.

Shush already,


I just want 

serenity back. 


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Motivational Monday – Language of Life

Colors awaken the spirit.

Red, orange, yellow

Numbers quantify.

Six, ten, thirteen

Weather feeds nature.

Rain drops,



Emotions spark: 




Peace allows us to hear.

Winds through the leaves.

Symphonies from birds.

Lullabies by crickets.

Colors, numbers, weather,

Emotions, and peace,

All decode a language

Called LIFE.


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Sunshine in the Forest


Beautiful streams of gold.

Dancing through branches.

Tickling the leaves.

Accenting the wonder.

Highlighting the unknown.

Nourishing the giants.

Creating a magic.

Making fairies seem possible.

Lightening the spirits.


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Something Different


Less complicated.

Just enough.

But not slower.



(If desired)

Or serene escape,

when needed.


Less things.

More doing.

More being.


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What do I know?


The appearance of truth.

Yet nothing is as it seems.

We’re one way here, 

and another there.

Animals have camouflage.

People have masks.

Synonym for reality.

Another word

dependent upon the

perceptions of others.

I might mean this,

but you see/feel/experience

that, not to be confused with

those or them or these.


If we could take the 

world at face value.

Resist imposing our

uninformed interpretations.

Realize people are genuine.

We’d all remove our masks.


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Motivational Monday – Mother Nature

As I sit on the porch

I can’t find the words

To adequately describe 

The marvelousness of nature

Trees as tall as skyscrapers 

Wind ticking the leaves

Sunlight glistening on spiderwebs

Ladybugs parachuting on leaves

Birds orchestrating symphonies 

Petals ruffling like skirts

Butterflies playing tag

They are all sending a message

Communicating to the world

That there’s more to life

Than work, cars, money

If only we stop to notice


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Summer Nights

The tale-tell sounds of summer nights…

Crickets chirping.

The hum of air-conditioner motors. 

A mixed-up bird, cackling.

Train horns at a crossing.

The steady drone of traffic,

People getting their ice cream.

Diesels engines coming to life.

The buzz of the street lights,

Telling us to head home.

The rumble of a Harley,

Waiting at that train.

An airplane coming in to land,

Bringing weary travelers,

Eager for bed.

Two toads who live in the flower bed,

Serenading us each night.

…these sounds I take for granted.

Are sounds you’ll never hear again.