Venus Retrograde Reading

Yesterday, while I was waiting for Eric to finish donating plasma, I was reading an article on the upcoming Venus Retrograde. There have been so many retrogrades lately, and each one seems to have more influence than the… Read More

Music Reading

It’s been a struggle lately to stay positive. The job hunt and money struggles are real folks. I’m not really complaining – just providing perspective. So today I asked the Universe for 9 things we should ALL be… Read More

Blessed or are the Archangels ganging up on me?

Today has been one of my all time worst days. What better time to do a quick reading for some guidance. I chose a Celtic Cross. I needed more than a 3-card draw, but wasn’t interested in my… Read More

Relaunch? But why?

The answer is simple really. I’ve changed. Commonplace Cafe served a purpose during a season in my life when things were uncertain. We had lost a good friend, my husband was in the depths of depression, and my… Read More