Turn Signals

Turn Signals are four-letter words we can all relate to. Historically, four-letter words carry a negative connotation for either being “bad” words or being “simple.” Bigger words sound more elegant and carry more importance. But sometimes that simple word might be the best word. 

Four-letter words make up 26% of the English language (not including plurals and curse words). That’s one quarter! So why not use our four-lettered friends to help us make some of those critical decisions. 

The deck of 88 cards can be used with or without other tarot decks. Personally, I prefer to use when I need some clarification during a reading. I often know the reading is for a tough decision, so I place a Turn Signal at any point in the reading where I have a direct impact. 

Four colors dominate the deck: Coral (air), purple (fire), blue-green (water), and yellow-green (Earth). Coral represents something you can love with all of your being. It may be a strength or just something that makes you exceptionally happy. Purple represents happiness and positivity. Blue-green represents struggle or just something you aren’t particularly fond of. Yellow-green represents growth.

Interested in purchasing a deck? Please email krystal.bellamy@gmail.com for information on how to order. Decks can be purchased alone or with a decorative/protective bag and Turn Signals Guide Book. It will depend on your individual needs. Again, email for more information.