Turn Signals

Each Turn Signal card has a four-letter word associated with it. Four-letter words carry a negative connotation for either being “bad” words or being “simple.” Bigger words sound more elegant and carry more importance. But sometimes that simple word might be the best word. 

Four-letter words make up 26% of the English language (not including plurals and curse words). That’s one quarter! So why not use our four-lettered friends to help us make some of those critical decisions. 

The deck of 89 cards can be used with or without other tarot decks. Personally, I prefer to use when I need some clarification during a reading. I often know the reading is for a tough decision, so I place a Turn Signal at any point in the reading where I have a direct impact. 

Four colors dominate the deck: golden yellow (air), coral (fire), turquoise (water), and evergreen (Earth). Yellow represents something that shines. It may be a strength or just something that makes you exceptionally happy. Coral represents happiness and positivity. Turquoise represents struggle or just something you aren’t particularly fond of. Evergreen represents growth.

Interested in purchasing a deck? Please email krystal.bellamy@gmail.com for information on how to order. Decks can be purchased alone or with a decorative/protective bag and Turn Signals Guide Book. It will depend on your individual needs. Again, email for more information.