Welcome to Find Your Road Home

Hi, I’m Krystal Bellamy, an educator who has found a love for creating. Last Spring, I successfully completed my 2nd 100 day project, and I wasn’t ready to stop sharing with others (or learning). I have continued my own growth journey by joining Insider’s Studio with Amanda Evanston (and friends). If you want to “art,” I highly recommend exploring her learning tools. I’ve just begun to dabble.

This dabbling has created a large amount of art. As I said, I am still learning. But as I learn, I want my creations to bring others joy. Just like a toy should not go unplayed with, a painting should not go unviewed. Frequently, I’ll give away my art for just the cost of shipping. But sometimes, I will sell it. Mama has to purchase new art supplies somehow.

Continue through the site to see more art. Reach out if you would like to have a custom piece.

100 days 2021