Why Turn Signals?

When I needed guidance, Find Your Road Home, was the phrase that stuck with my heart. How many times have you heard, “you’re just lost” while on your journey?

You aren’t lost. The spot you may find yourself in might be painful and you may not want to remain there, but that doesn’t imply you are lost. I challenge that is a cop-out.

Turn Signals are directions. Think of your life as a map, and each decision as a crossroad. It may be a two-way road, or it may be four, five or even more offshoots. Turn signals don’t tell you which way to go. Instead, they give you details. Words mean different things depending on where you are or even how they are said. So what tells one person to go right may tell the person next to them to go left.

I chose four-letter words because they are more common. I don’t want age, education, or language to be a hinderance to the guidance and direction you want/need.

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