Special 3 Card Reading

We started Chakra II today and almost everyone has a blocked or sluggish root chakra. So I started wondering: why does everyone feel so unsafe? I mean, look around us? It’s obvious the world feels unsafe. So this reading, all parts, applies to everyone.


Want: We all have wants and needs. Our ego focuses on “want” but spiritually it should be “need.” We are out of balance. This causes distress.

Help someone else

Feel: We cannot ignore our feelings and we are stuck in a feeling of fear. But we inherently crave joy. So find the joy!! Ignore the fear.

Remember/Watch for

None: Watch out for that lack mentality. It comes with an awful inner script. Find the positives. Look for the joy. It really is already there. We just have to see it. Only then will we be able to find balance between our wants and needs.

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